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Welcome to Euro Forge

About Euro Forge Company M/s Euro Forge was established in 2007 and is part of M/s Ajay Group of companies. The Company is Located at Jalandhar is one of the biggest industrial city in the north of India. This city is famous for sports equipments, Leather industry and Hand Tools.

Our Company M/s. Euro Forge has latest equipments with modern Cnc Machines and latest testing equipments. We are manufacturing all kind of automobile hand tools and exporting to all most countries in the world. Our Company has dedicated team of professionals in all fields of manufacturing and quality as per customer specification. We have competitive pricing and timely delivery, Our Packaging as per international standards. We also have excellent sales customer support and flexible and professional terms of business.


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Technology & Innovation

We at Euro Forge wants to establish our Company as trendsetter for further of Automobile Hand Tools industry & Stay focused on complete Customer Satisfaction.

Relationship & Values

We want to have such kind of relations between our Customers & Suppliers that we work like a single organisation & family so that we can share our values & relationship many years to come.